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SEO vs. SEM: What Are the Differences?

[ad_1] Online marketing is no rocket science. But if you’re just getting into it, SEO and SEM might still be confusing terms to you. The answer to the common question “What is the difference between SEO and SEM?” depends on what definition of SEM you prefer. So let’s start with that… What is SEM? Search engine marketing (SEM)… Read More »

A 7-Step SEO Strategy for More Organic Traffic (2022)

[ad_1] Content and SEO are interconnected. Not even the best optimization will help your site if the content sucks. (pardon my French) That’s why search engine optimization is not only about “using HTTPS” or “getting authoritative backlinks”. At its core, SEO is about producing great content and getting it closer to people. In this guide, we’ll take a… Read More »

WordPress SEO: A Detailed Step-By-Step Walkthrough

[ad_1] Is WordPress good for SEO? The answer is quite simple: WordPress is as good for SEO as you make it. The whole thing is fully in your hands. Of course, there are some things that make WordPress great for SEO, namely: It is designed with basic SEO and UX principles in mind It makes optimizing the website… Read More »

The Most Useful Google Search Operators for SEO

[ad_1] Google advanced search operators can be a GREAT time-saver. You probably know a couple of them. But are you using their full potential? In this post, we’ll guide you through the most important search operators that actually work and show you how to use them effectively for: Competitor research Guest blogging prospecting Quick insights on the analyzed… Read More »

Crawling & Indexing: How Google Checks Websites?

[ad_1] What is crawling? Crawling is a process that allows search engines to discover new content on the internet. To do this, they use crawling bots that follow links from the already known webpages to the new ones. Since thousands of webpages are produced or updated every day, the process of crawling is a never-ending mechanism repeated over… Read More »

What Are Search Engines and How Do They Work?

[ad_1] What is a search engine? A search engine is an online tool that is designed to search for websites on the internet based on the user’s search query. It looks for the results in its own database, sorts them and makes an ordered list of these results using unique search algorithms. This list is called a search… Read More »

Google Algorithm: What Are Its Top 5 Key Factors?

[ad_1] What is Google algorithm? Google search algorithm is a complex system that allows Google to find, rank and return the most relevant pages for a certain search query. To be precise, the whole ranking system consists of multiple algorithms that consider various factors such as quality, relevance or usability of the page. How does Google search algorithm… Read More »

What Is SERP, Its Features & How It Is Generated?

[ad_1] What is SERP? SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is a page with a list of results that a search engine displays after a user submits a search query. There are various types of results that can be displayed in SERP – Organic results, Ads, and other SERP features (e.g. Featured Snippet, Sitelinks, etc.). Here’s an example of… Read More »

SEO Ranking Factors: What Are They (+8 Confirmed Signals)

[ad_1] Knowing the key ranking factors is essential if you want to understand SEO. Although some ranking signals are still shrouded in Google’s mystery, many of them are well-established and confirmed by Google’s officials. Let’s find out what these factors are and how they work. What are ranking factors? Ranking factors are signals search engines use to sort… Read More »

12 Easy (And Very Quick) SEO Wins for 2022

[ad_1] Let’s face it – SEO is not always easy. With so many aspects that you have to keep in mind, from a technical perspective, through on-page optimization up to the off-page SEO, it might get overwhelming sometimes. However, it does not always have to be the case… That is why we’ve created this list of “easy” SEO… Read More »